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                                                                        February 9, 2015

Oh, no!  Not another blog?!?

That's right.  I'm putting my two-cents in.  After all, it is my website.  Don't worry, though, like it says in the logo for this page there will be "nothing but wisdom" in this space (I hope).   There certainly will be plenty of (my) opinion, at least, and perhaps some readers may actually agree with some of my model railroading musings.  Right now, I'll post on an "informal" schedule - in other words, only when I have something on my mind. (It could be a while before the next post!)


I read somewhere (online, of course) that I should write a blog.  It can attract more visitors to my website, which increases the chances of selling more of my products (see left, please).  If it's on the Internet, it must be true, right?


I'm pleased that my book, "Commuter Operations for Model Railroads" (again, see left - specifically "e-Books") has been well received, if not well reviewed.  Actually, it hasn't been reviewed at all - which is kind of a bummer (not good for sales, either).


Speaking of commuter operations, Rapido is certainly doing its part to make commuter modeling easier for some of us.  First the firm announced a model of the FL9 locomotive - a prototype unique to the New York City metro area (not counting the two lettered for the Maine Eastern).  Then came the announcement of the Budd RDC-1, (their "Absolute RDC Project") both U.S. and Canadian versions, in HO scale...at an MSRP of (gulp!) $225 each for DC only, and $325 each for DC/DCC, plus sound.


I think that's absolutely expensive!  Yes, the models are going to be gorgeous (that's a foregone conclusion) - there will really be no comparison to the Proto-1000 models - and I realize that they have to make a reasonable return on what must be a sizable investment.  But, wow, how does anyone afford this hobby anymore?  I can't; that's why I'm just blogging along!


Good thing I model in S scale, where things are more reasonably priced (if you can find them).


'Till next time...

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